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Teleprotest / 2007

'Anti-war protester Brian Haw has been protesting on Parliament Square in London since 2001, non-stop.'

001 | Teleprotest in front of Buckingham Palace

An exclusion zone of one mile around parliament prevents anyone except Brian Haw to protest in front of the Parliament. But do the same laws apply when the protest is mediated through technologies like telepresence? Do the restrictions apply for physical presence only , or for audio and mental presence as well?

002 | Is this illegal teleprotest in front of The Parliament?

003 | A protester Ringing in his message for parliament

In this project for O2 Mobile , a collaboration with Mathhew Holloway and Cheryl Bauer, we were interested in how activists communicate in the public space. In response to talks with Brian Haw and his colleague's we built a DIY-telepresence kit, making it possible for more people to join the protest.

004 | All it needs is a phone, some speaker and a stick

Twenty pounds on material hacks together a telepresence device consisting of a cheap mobile phone and battery powered speakers. It can be freely accessed by anyone carrying the phone number. The stick automatically picks up when called [hands-free function on every mobile] and starts broadcasting.

005| Testing reactions to the telepresence object

This last video documents some tests with an early prototype and shows varied public reactions in Hyde Park, London.

A project about re-combining existing technologies to create new applications, open-source hardware and using prototypes to engage with people in the design process. Won the innovation price from O2 Mobile.